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A South American-based fashion photographer with an elegant style consistently full of iconic lighting, believable poses, and authentic emotion in the eyes. 

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Burke Atkerson is a fashion photographer and humanitarian currently residing in Uruguay with his wife and two young daughters.

Burke has developed an elegant and timeless style that is consistently marked by iconic lighting, believable poses, and authentic emotion in the eyes. True to this niche style, he uses a variety of analog, digital, polaroid, and technical cameras.

With more than 20,000 followers in social media, work experience on *5 different continents, and published work from New York to Paris, Burke and his production team bring a powerful set of skills to clients around the world who value quality and connection above all else. 

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*Note: by the end of 2017 Burke will have done photo campaigns in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, & North America.


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1406 Mockingbird Ave
Mission, TX

+1 (972) 220 9580


Avenida Italia 6909
Montevideo, Uruguay
+598 94 970 516


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